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Recipes for Ham and Bean Soup

These recipes for ham and bean soup will fill and warm you up. Whether you are feeling under the weather, experiencing chilly days, or just have leftover ham, these soup recipes are perfect for the whole family!

Ham and bean soup is one of the most iconic soup recipes. It’s affordable, loaded with protein, flavorful, and only calls for a few ingredients that you probably have on hand. 

If you are looking for more ways to serve and enjoy this oh so delicious and filling soup, I’ve got you covered! From classic recipes to new and creative recipes for ham and bean soup, there’s a recipe you’ll love to try here!

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How do you thicken ham and bean soup?

Cooking your ham and bean soup to your desired consistency is super easy and simple. If you want to achieve a thick ham and bean soup, there are two simple methods you can try.

First, get two to three spoons of broth from the soup, stir it with one spoon of cornstarch, and return it to your soup and stir. Let it cook until the soup is thickened enough according to your desired consistency. 

Another method is to mash the beans with a potato masher. The crushed beans will not only make the soup thicker but will also change the appearance and texture of your soup a little. 

Can I freeze ham and bean soup?

Of course! You can make a large batch of these recipes for ham and bean soup and save them for busy weeknights. Meal prepping soup is a simple and easy process. 

These protein filled soup recipes freeze well. However, before putting it in a leakproof freezer bag or an airtight freezer safe container, remember that you have to fully cook the soup and let it cool to room temperature first.

Frozen ham and bean soup is safe in the freezer for up to three months. If you are planning to consume it again, simply thaw it in the fridge overnight and then warm it up in low heat on the crockpot or stovetop.

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Kitchen Essentials You’ll Need for Making Ham and Bean Soup Recipes: 

Having the right set of kitchen tools will make your cooking experience a whole lot easier and more fun. Thus, you might want to check out these items first before whipping up the tasty recipes for ham and bean soup listed below.

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10 Best Ham and Bean Soup Recipes

Have leftover ham? Turn it into a heartwarming and delicious soup! These ham and bean soup recipes use different kinds of cooking methods but they are all oh so tasty especially on chilly days.

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