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Simple and Healthy Recipes Using Ground Beef

Of course, we want to enjoy eating good food but not at the cost of risking our health. With that in mind, I created this list of simple and healthy recipes using ground beef so you can have more fun with your diet without worrying about your health!

Living in the middle of a farm country, I grew up loving red meat. Thus, I truly enjoy trying healthy recipes using ground beef from time to time, and I’m going to introduce them to you here!

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Are these recipes using ground beef healthy?

Red meat is often regarded as “bad for the health.” I know that this can be true if not careful enough with consumption and preparation. Hence, it is important to me that these recipes using ground beef are 100% healthy for everyone!

Red meat is not at all “bad” — it’s proven to be a good source of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin E, and all other essential nutrients needed by the body. These healthy beef recipes will make you believe that eating beef while on a diet is possible!

According to The World Cancer Research Fund, you can consume 12-18 ounces or three portions of red meat per week. This means you can try three recipes in a week!

How to Choose the Best Ground Beef

These delicious and healthy ground beef recipes will not be possible without the right ingredients. So, I want to give you some reminders when choosing the best ground beef. 

If you are buying ground beef, I recommend going for 95% lean and, if possible, grass-fed red meat. This type of red meat has lower calories and fat compared to grain-fed beef. Plus, it also contains more omega-3 and vitamin E. 

But if you are ordering out, you should take note of the words “loin” or “round” in choosing burgers and beef cuts.

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Healthy Ground Beef Recipes Recommended Products

I’ve listed some products below that I think will greatly help you in making these recipes tastier. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Try Out These 15 Quick Healthy Recipes

This list of recipes is full of flavor and packed with protein and other nutrients. One serving of 3 oz. cooked lean ground beef can provide your body about 10 of the essential nutrients it needs!

These simple recipes are super easy to prepare, healthy, and nutritious. If you are a health enthusiast and you want to beef up your diet, these recipes are perfect for you!

Here are some healthy ground beef recipes excellent for lunch:

What’s better than beef for lunch? These recipes are not only undoubtedly delicious but I also made sure that they are healthy for you!

Are these healthy beef recipes easy to prepare? 

As a blogger, I do not have much time on my hands. I prefer easy-to-cook meals most of the time. Gladly, I have discovered these simple and healthy recipes using ground beef!

Healthy recipes using ground beef for dinner:

Which recipe did you like the most?

Share your thoughts with us! Check out our other main dish recipes. Have fun!

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