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25 Recipes with Tuna | Tuna Recipes

The following tuna recipes will help you mix things up and avoid those unexpected empty refrigerator moments. These recipes using tuna are all super easy, quick to make, and family-friendly.

Work more seafood into your diet without spending a ton of money or being stuck in the kitchen all night long! These recipes will save you big time when you’re asked “what’s for dinner” and you’ve got nothing in mind.

So always keep these recipes handy and some canned tuna in your pantry. They are quick to prepare and won’t take much of your time to make.

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Is it okay to eat raw canned tuna?

Canned tunas are always pre-cooked. So there is nothing wrong with eating canned tuna without cooking it further.

Canned tunas are an inexpensive source of protein. And since it lasts longer, it’s great to keep some in your pantry for a quick lunch or snack. Just choose those that are low in mercury for a more nutritious option.

What else can I put in my tuna aside from mayonnaise?

An olive oil-based dressing is a healthy replacement for mayonnaise. Other options are mustard, hummus, and low-fat plain Greek yogurt. You can also use low-fat cottage cheese, pesto, almond butter, and even mashed avocado.

For cream-based dressings, you can use sour cream together with your tuna on your salad or sandwich. You can use it as it is or you can mix it with other ingredients.

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25 Recipes with Tuna

The Best Tuna Recipes for You to Try:

These recipes with tuna are healthy, easy, and delicious. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Try them out and save your favorites!

Other Recipes with Tuna to Try at Home:

Fall in love with these recipes that are easy to make but offer a great variety of options. When it comes to tuna recipes, you’ve got plenty of different choices.

What goes with tuna recipes?

Here are the best side dishes to serve alongside your recipes with tuna. Try them out to make meals at home more delectable.

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