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25 Delicious Mac and Cheese Recipes

Today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite comfort food: mac and cheese recipes. Try out all of these fun and unique recipes to find your new favorite. These homemade mac and cheese recipes are simple but so delicious! 

There are so many ways to prepare your mac and cheese. So try this collection of delicious mac and cheese recipes that your family will definitely love. 

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25 Delicious Mac and Cheese Recipes

How do I make my mac & cheese recipes not watery?

Use either cornstarch or flour to fix a runny mac and cheese as they can help thicken a liquid. Mix a tablespoon of either of the two in a separate bowl with 2 tablespoons of cheese sauce. Continue mixing until it becomes smooth.

When the desired mixture is achieved, add and combine it with the milky cheese sauce. Keep stirring until you get the desired thickness.

You can learn how to make a simple roux here as well. It’s the base of all mac and cheese and a great skill to have in the kitchen. 

How can I keep my macaroni and cheese creamy?

Check the cooking instructions on the package of your pasta and cook one minute less. Undercooking your pasta will help you get rid of a mushy mac and cheese. You can also replace the milk in the recipe with a rich cream.

Cooking your pasta in salted water will also help to keep your mac and cheese creamy. 

And finally, another tip to achieve the creamiest mac and cheese is to choose the noodle shape which you think will hold more sauce such as rotini and shells. 

Featured image showing the finished Mac and cheese recipes.

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25 Delicious Mac and Cheese Recipes

Easy Mac and Cheese Recipes to Try at Home:

These mac and cheese recipes are to die for. They are so easy that even those who are not a pro in the kitchen won’t have a hard time whipping up some homemade macaroni and cheese. Follow the step-by-step guides in these recipes and enjoy the best mac and cheese in no time.

Want other mac and cheese recipes you can easily make at home?

Here’s a collection of mac and cheese recipes that you can easily make within the comfort of your own kitchen. They’re rich, creamy, and very tasty. These are always family-friendly dinner recipes in our house!

What to serve with mac and cheese?

You might want your mac and cheese served alone but it is best eaten with side dishes too. Here’s a list of recipe ideas so you can quickly decide what to serve with your mac and cheese.

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