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25 Recipes for Avocado

Avocados are good for more than just guacamole! If you are an avocado lover and you’re searching for more ways to add it to your diet, this collection of creative and delish recipes for avocado is perfect for you!

Avocado is a very versatile ingredient. It can be enjoyed on its own, it can be added to toasts, salads, smoothies, and it can also be made into pasta and other amazing desserts!

Here, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best recipes for avocado that you can enjoy any meal of the day. Whether you want to eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or serve it as a dessert or an appetizer, I’ve got some interesting recipes ready for you.

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How to pick a good avocado:

Before you buy your avocados, plan when you will eat them first. Avocados can be frozen after it’s mashed or peeled but there will be changes in their color and quality. Hence, it’s best to plan when you are going to consume them first so you’ll know which is the best avocado to buy. 

As you pick your avocado, there are three qualities you should look out for: skin texture, firmness, and color. Ripe avocados have brown bumpy skin and are soft when gently pressed. The riper they are, the darker and the softer they become.

You can choose to buy green and smooth-skinned avocados if you plan to use them in the following days. These avocados will ripen in three to four days at room temperature. 

If you suddenly need to use them earlier than planned, you can speed up their ripening process a little by putting them in a brown paper bag with a banana. This may sound silly but there’s a science behind it. 

The gases given off by the ripening banana speed up the process of the avocados ripening as well. The brown paper bag keeps everything contained so the process happens more quickly than it would on the counter! 

How to safely cut and peel an avocado?

First things first, use a paring knife to cut the avocado. Spin the knife around the seed, then twist the halves a little to separate them. 

There are two ways you can consider how you can remove the pit. Either cut the avocado that has the pit in half or use the knife to tap the pit and twist it out. 

Once the pit is removed, put the avocado halves on the chopping board and cut the avocado according to what your recipe needs. After slicing or dicing the avocado flesh, scoop it out using a large spoon

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Kitchen Essentials to Ready in Making these Avocado Recipes:

Apart from the ingredients, you’ll also need to prepare some kitchen tools to whip up the above-mentioned recipes for avocado easier and faster. Check them out below.

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25 Recipes for Avocado

Breakfast Recipes for Avocado to Make!

Make your breakfast healthier and more satisfying with these amazing breakfast recipes for avocado! These recipes are easy and fast to whip up. You can even wrap some of them if you need breakfast on the go!

More Exciting Recipes for Avocado to Try!

Whether it's an appetizer, dessert, snack, side dish, lunch, or dinner idea, you're surely going to find a recipe or two that you would love to keep here!

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