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25 Soup Recipes with Potatoes

Potato lovers! Here’s a delightful collection of soup recipes with potatoes just for you! These recipes are not only oh-so-easy and fast to make, but they are also healthy, filled with flavor, and needless to say: satisfyingly delicious! 

If you are a potato lover but you’re starting to get tired of the typical potato soup recipes, then without a doubt, you’ll enjoy browsing the soup recipes with potatoes listed below. They are not only great to serve during colder weather, but they will also be a wonderful addition to your menu for special occasions too.

Here you’ll find all kinds of soup recipes with potatoes, from vegetable to chicken to turkey to beef soups! They are not only family-friendly, but some of them are Weight Watchers and vegan-friendly too! Do not miss this chance to add a new soup recipe or two to your meal plan!

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What does adding potato to soup do?

Aside from being a delicious ingredient, potatoes are also often used to thicken and add body to soups. If you are aiming for a creamy soup, use potatoes that are low in moisture and high in starch such as Russets or Idahos.

Simply simmering these types of potatoes in the soup can already make the liquid thicken slightly. If you want an extra thick soup, it’s best to mash or puree them once soft.

On the other hand, if you prefer potatoes that hold their shape well (or the recipe calls for it), you will have to choose low starch and high in moisture potatoes such as the red and white skin varieties. 

But apart from these two, there are also medium-starched or all-purpose type potatoes that can be used for almost any kind of recipe. They have a good amount of starch and at the same time, firm, making them suitable for mashing, frying, boiling and even grilling. These potatoes include Yukon Gold, Red Gold, and Kennebec. 

Do you have to peel potatoes for soup?

It’s a common custom to peel potatoes for soup. However, it’s not entirely necessary. In fact, leaving the skin on can provide you with several benefits.

Potato skin has additional dietary fiber that can add nutritional value to your soup. It also gives a different texture and flavor and helps in keeping the potato in its shape too. 

If you choose not to peel your potatoes, make sure to clean them more thoroughly. Place the potatoes under running water and use your hand or a vegetable brush to scrub them until clean.

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What kitchen gadgets will I need in making these easy soup recipes for potatoes?

Aside from preparing the complete ingredients needed in making any of these soup recipes, make sure that you are also equipped with the right set of kitchen tools and gadgets to make your cooking experience a lot easier and quicker. 

When you are ready to make some delicious soup recipes you’ll want to have some of these kitchen essentials on hand. They’re all useful for many recipes, of course, but they’re especially important when making the best soups and stews.

If you have someone in your life who enjoys cooking and making soups you’ll want to grab some of these items for them as a gift too!

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25 Soup Recipes with Potatoes

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