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20 Creative Recipes for Turkey Breast

You can have a Thanksgiving-style meal any time of the year with the help of these easy and creative recipes for turkey breast! Whether you want to try a stuffed, grilled, air-fried, slow-cooked, smoked, or roasted turkey breast recipe, I’ve got you covered. 

Although nothing can beat the grandeur of a whole turkey, we also can’t deny the fact that turkey breast is more convenient and easier to prepare. Plus, a whole turkey breast takes less space in the fridge and cooks faster too.

These recipes for turkey breast will allow you to whip up the best holiday entree that is perfect for quick weeknight meals! If you love cooking holiday-inspired dishes throughout the year for the whole family, you’ll love discovering the new and delicious recipes for turkey breast below.

Do not think twice about adding these meaty and delicious recipes to your meal plan today. 

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Which kind of turkey breast should I buy? 

You can find different kinds of turkey breast in many grocery stores all year round. The best way to know which one is perfect for you is to ask yourself first about the budget, the recipe, the number of people eating, and how many leftovers you want on hand. 

Here are some types of turkey breast for you to choose from:

Bone-in Turkey Breasts

These are the most used types of turkey breasts. Skin-on, bone-in, whole, turkey breast is best for roasting since it stays juicy and its skin adds texture and flavor to the dish. 

Boneless Turkey Breasts

On the other hand, boneless turkey breasts are best for stuffed recipes since they are free of all bones and provide more space for adding ingredients inside. 

Hotel Turkey Breasts

Hotel-style turkey breasts are perfect for those people who want a little variety. This cut comes with ribs, neck, and giblets but they are typically available only in the Northeastern parts of the United States. 

When deciding about the size of turkey breast, a good rule of thumb is 1.25 pounds per person. Hence, if you are preparing for a party of four people, you have to buy about five-pounds of turkey breast. 

Also, remember to avoid turkey breasts that contain preservatives, injections, or additives as they can hugely affect the texture and flavor of the meat. Keep in mind: the fresher the better….which stands as a good rule for all meat purchases! 

How to prepare and store turkey breasts: 

Do not forget to thaw your turkey a day or two before the day you plan to cook it if you purchase it and then freeze it (or if it is frozen when you purchase). Turkey’s thawing time varies based on its size. You can read the complete guide on how to easily thaw your turkey using different methods here

Once thawed, proceed with any of the recipes for turkey breast you’d like to try below!

If you have any leftovers, you can use an airtight container to store them in the fridge for up to four days. 

If you want to give your leftover turkey a second life, here’s a collection of recipes for leftover turkey you can check out! 

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20 Creative Recipes for Turkey Breast

Must-Try Recipes for Turkey Breasts Today!

Want to make good use of your air-fryer, stove, or slow cooker? You can find the perfect turkey breasts recipe for your family here! Make life easier in your kitchen by using the kitchen gadget of your choice, there’s something for everyone here! 

More Creative and Delish Turkey Breast Recipes for You!

Fried, smoked, stuffed, rolled, grilled — name it! You can find these creative delicious turkey breast recipes here! Make sure not to miss them and give them a try!

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