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27 Recipes for Leftover Steak

Got some leftover steak from last night’s dinner? Give it a second life and turn it into a more satisfying and mouth-watering dish! Scroll down below and you’ll find some of the best recipes for leftover steak you can try today!

Nothing beats a juicy, tender, and delicious steak. But we also know that it can be very filling so we often end up with some leftovers. That’s why I’ve made it a point to make this guide!

I’ve collected the easiest and most delicious recipes for leftover steak that the whole family will surely love! These include delicious recipes such as amazing breakfast dishes, sandwiches, tacos, quesadillas, salads, and casseroles!  You’ll enjoy making and devouring these easy and scrumptious dishes!

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How to store leftover steak? 

Leftover steak can safely last in the fridge for at least three days if you properly store it.

Take note that the best way to store your leftover steak is to use the right wrapping techniques to ensure that the steak will retain its juices and the meat won’t dry out. 

You can use a vacuum sealer to do this. If you don’t have that machine, you can wrap your leftover steak tightly in freezer paper instead and then place them in a heavy-duty freezer bag. Remember to squeeze out the air before putting it on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

How to reheat leftover steak?

You can reheat leftover steak using the oven, air fryer, or stovetop. The reheating process can be tricky because your steak can end up overcooked or dry, so always be careful. 

To reheat steak in the oven, set your oven to 250-degrees Fahrenheit and place a wire rack inside. Put your steak on a microwave-safe plate or a baking tray and cover it loosely with a damp paper towel. The cooling rack will allow the hot air to circulate while the paper towel will trap the moisture and prevent the steak from drying out. This can take 20 to 30 minutes depending on the thickness of your steak. 

If you’d like to use an air fryer to reheat your steak, preheat it to 350-degrees Fahrenheit and cook the steak for three to five minutes until the steak is evenly warmed.

Using the stovetop to reheat your steak will need more of your attention, but it will be faster than other methods. Put your steak on a skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil over medium-low heat. Cover the pan with a lid for several seconds until the steak is evenly warm.

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You can enjoy your steak again after reheating it, but you will enjoy the juiciness and flavors of the meat even more if you will use it to create a more delicious dish just like the recipes below! Check them out!

Must-Have Kitchen Tools to Make Leftover Steak Recipes

Make sure you have the right set of kitchen tools before you make these delicious recipes for leftover steak. Having them in your kitchen will not only be handy, but it will also make your cooking experience more fun and less time-consuming.

Below are some highly recommended kitchen tools you can buy for yourself or for the dedicated home cook of your life! 

Here are some of the best tools that you will want to have on hand when making these tasty recipes. You can never have too many kitchen gadgets and if you have someone in your life who likes to spend time in the kitchen these items will make great gifts too!

Breakfast Recipes for Leftover Steak

Turn your favorite dinner steak into an amazing breakfast meal! Here are some breakfast recipes for leftover steak you should try today!

Dinner Recipe Ideas for Leftover Steak

Want to make your dinner extra special? Give these scrumptious dinner leftover steak recipes a try!

Other Leftover Steak Recipe Ideas

Still looking for more? Here are more recipes you can try to spice up your leftover steak!


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