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17 Caprese Appetizers

Try out all of these caprese appetizers that are perfect for snacking, appetizers, and more! If you’re looking for easy and simple recipes that will make your meals more incredible, then you should start with these appetizer recipes. 

These recipe ideas are here to help you make your own caprese appetizers at home. I hope you’ll love making them as much as I do and find a few new favorites. Fill up your plate now with all of these caprese appetizers recipes.

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What are the basic ingredients of a caprese recipe?

Caprese is one of the easiest and simplest appetizers you can make in just a few minutes. When I say “simplest,” I mean that you’ll only need three main ingredients to make most of these recipes. 

We will use a lot of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. Adding balsamic glaze is up to your personal preference but goes great with caprese recipes.

If you’re planning to make a caprese skewer, then you’ll be needing some bamboo skewers. Or if you prefer caprese bites instead, then you’ll want to add some French bread to your list of ingredients.

Caprese Appetizers

How to store mozzarella cheese properly:

The best way to preserve your mozzarella cheese and keep it fresh is by putting it in the refrigerator. Make sure that it is half-submerged in cold water inside a lidded bowl or airtight container.

Store your mozzarella cheese at a temperature of about 34 degrees F. It is also recommended to change the water daily for as long as you are storing it before use. 

Kitchen Tools to Help You Make Appetizer Recipes:

A passionate foodie like you deserves the best tools in the kitchen. Prepare yourself the following kitchen materials before making your own caprese appetizers at home.

Join the fun in making more yummy recipes with the right tools on hand. Shopping for these tools is also fun and exciting, a win-win! 

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Some things you will definitely need to make the best caprese appetizers are bamboo skewers, some small serving dishes and dipping bowls, you might also like some mozzarella cheese and balsamic glaze since it goes with just about all of these delicious appetizer recipes.

17 Caprese Appetizers

Caprese Appetizers You Can Easily Make for Your Family:

Grab a seat and enjoy more time with your family while enjoying these caprese appetizer recipes. These recipes will help you spend more time in the kitchen eating rather than meal prepping. Caprese appetizers are easy to make and will surely make your meals more fun and tasty.

Other Bite-Sized Caprese Appetizers You Can Make at Home:

Meal prepping should be simple, allowing you to make tasty recipes without complex processes. Check these appetizers out and easily turn your meals into something more festive with a homemade appetizer. Have fun!

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