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19 Recipes for Jalapenos

Some people are into spicy foods, and if you are one of them, you’re going to love this collection of recipes for jalapenos!

Jalapenos are not only spicy, but they also have a unique flavor profile you can’t find in any other ingredient! If you love using jalapenos while cooking, the recipes I’ve compiled below are sure to become your new favorites!

And to give you a heads up, these recipes are not poppers. I know poppers are basic when it comes to jalapeno recipes, that’s why I made sure to find other unique, exciting, and delicious jalapeno recipes for you to easily try at home!  Here, you’ll find yummy jalapeno snacks, salsa, dips, and dinner recipes that will make your mouth water!

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How long can jalapenos last in the fridge? 

You can find jalapeno peppers in stores all year round, but they mostly grow during the summer season. To maximize the shelf life of fresh jalapenos, remember to put them in a paper bag first before you store them in your refrigerator’s crisper. That way its freshness will last for up to two weeks!

If you are planning to store your jalapenos for a long time, you can also freeze them!  Cut their stem off and remove their seeds. Leave them whole if you still have no idea where to use them. Place them in freezer bags or airtight containers, and they will be able to last for about six months.  

You can tell if a jalapeno pepper has expired if it has turned soft, smelly, and/or discolored.

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Kitchen Essentials You Need to Make These Jalapeno Recipes:

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When it comes to making jalapeño recipes you will want to have some of my favorite kitchen tools on hand like a cast iron pan for cooking, nonstick frying pans, a food processor and even a nonstick muffin pan.

Other things that are always useful are cutting boards and quality knives for prepping all your ingredients!

Which is hotter? Green, red, or dried jalapenos? 

Jalapenos are often harvested once they’ve reached their distinguishable bright green color. If they are not harvested immediately, they reach their point of maturity and turn red. 

Matured (or red) jalapenos are hotter than green jalapenos because the additional ripening adds more capsaicin to the pepper. Capsaicin is the ingredient that makes peppers spicy. But aside from this, red jalapenos are also a bit sweeter than the green ones. 

Green and red jalapenos typically fall in 2,500 and 8,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit). Dried jalapenos or chipotle, on the other hand, is 5,000-10,000 SHU.

To tone down the spice level, remove jalapenos’ seeds and their white membrane inside. If you want the opposite, and you really want to make your dish extra spicy, you can leave them in instead!

Dips and Salsa Recipes for Jalapenos

Dips and salsa aren’t complete without the flavors and spiciness of jalapenos. Try these quick and easy dips and salsa recipes for jalapenos today to spice up your meals! 

Jalapeno Soup Recipes

Jalapenos make great soups too! Here are some hearty and indulgent soups you can try at home today!

Other Dinner Jalapeno Recipe Ideas

Other than soup, jalapenos are essential in making some of the best dinner recipes too! Check out these easy yet satisfyingly delicious dinner recipes for jalapenos!

Jalapeno Snack Recipes

Jalapenos are not just for soups, salsa, and dinner, they can turn into irresistible and delicious snacks too! You'll be able to enjoy these yummy jalapeno snack recipes any time of the day!