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20 Black Eyed Peas Recipes

Tradition says that you will enjoy good fortune and prosperity throughout the year if you prepare and eat black eyed peas recipes on New Year’s Day. To all the black-eyed pea lovers out there this collection of recipes is for you. Not only perfect at the start of the year but great all year round.

Black-eyed peas are a great source of fiber. Aside from their nutritious benefits, black-eyed peas can also be used in many different recipes. There’s plenty of reasons why the following dishes are worth adding to your weekly meal plans! 

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Is it necessary to soak black-eyed peas?

Soaking black-eyed peas is not necessary before cooking them. However, there are benefits when you soak them as it shortens the time required to get them fully cooked.

As opposed to other types of beans that need a longer soak in cold water, black-eyed peas only need a quick soak using hot water.

Using a pot, boil your dried peas for 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure that the black-eyed peas are covered with water before bringing them to a rolling boil.

What to serve with black-eyed peas?

Black eyed peas recipes are great as a main dish but can also be served as a side dish. If you are serving them as a part of a larger meal, black-eyed peas go really well with a lot of meal choices.

Examples of food that you can pair with black-eyed peas include veggies, green beans, collard greens, and rice. Cornbread is another famous choice when it comes to what goes well with this type of bean. You can also go for mashed potatoes and ham!

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20 Black Eyed Peas Recipes

Quick and Easy Black Eyed Peas Recipes

Find comfort in these easy-to-follow black-eyed peas recipes. They’re perfect for the whole family to enjoy all year round and not just on New Year. One thing is for sure - these recipes will leave you feeling satisfied.

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Fuel your passion for cooking with these simple dishes that are easy to make. I hope to inspire you to cook even more with all of these tasty recipes. They’re budget-friendly with choices for those who are into vegan and plant-based recipes.

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