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15 Recipes for Noodles

Craving noodles but starting to get tired of your regular noodle recipe? This amazing collection of recipes for noodles are filled with new and exciting flavors that will bring you comfort and will make your tummies happy at the same time. 

Noodles are one of the staple comfort foods that most people crave. They go well with soups and casseroles and can be fried too!

Whether you are looking for the warmth of a comforting noodle soup or just want to fill yourself up with noodle goodness, you’re in for a treat! The recipes for noodles below are not only delish but they are also quick and easy to make — most will be done in less than half an hour! 

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How long do I have to cook noodles?

There’s just something about noodles that makes them so fun to eat — they can magically take our stress away. They are so versatile and they come in different varieties, shapes, and thicknesses.

Hence, their cooking time also differs from one to another. Most noodles only need 3-5 minutes but dried noodles take a little more time to cook. 

It’s a must to remember to check and keep an eye on your noodles as you cook to avoid them from getting overcooked. Making a noodle dish is easy but an overcooked noodle can ruin your meal. 

How long do noodles last? 

It’s best to cook fresh noodles immediately. Dried noodles are still safe to eat even past the expiration date but you can expect them to lose quality.

Some recipes are great for meal prep but others are not. If the recipe has a sauce or broth, do not pour all of your noodles in so you can store them separately if you have any leftovers. Remember that noodles are best to eat when they are freshly cooked so try cooking enough servings to avoid leftovers.

If you ever have leftover cooked noodles, refrigerate them right after they cool. Properly stored in air-tight containers or resealable plastic bags, cooked noodles can last in the fridge for 3-5 days.

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Must-Have Kitchen Essentials in Serving and Preparing Recipes for Noodles

These recipes for noodles are not only comforting and fun to eat but are also easy to pull together especially if you have the right set of kitchen tools. Make sure to check if you already have these must-have kitchen essentials in your cabinet before you start cooking. 

If you don’t have them yet, you can easily order these items online with just a few clicks!

These kitchen essentials will not only be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal but will also level up your cooking experience. Plus, these items will also make a thoughtful gift for the dedicated home cooks in your life! Don’t hesitate to grab this chance to gift yourself new kitchen gear as well.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

15 Recipes for Noodles

Recipes for Noodle Soup

Needing some warmth and comfort? Here are some scrumptious recipes for noodle soup ideal to have during the cold days and whenever you feel under the weather. These recipes are so hearty and delicious they are sure to lift your mood.

Other Noodle Recipes to Try

Want to try more exciting recipes for noodles? Here you'll find casseroles, stir-fried, and authentic Asian noodle recipes that will surely leave your family asking for more!