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15 Recipes for Quinoa Salad

Time to level up your favorite quinoa salad! Whether you want a meaty or veggie-filled meal, these delicious recipes for quinoa salad are sure to satisfy your craving and hunger!

Quinoa, also known as golden grains, is an excellent replacement for rice and other grains and is a wonderful and healthy addition to salads. It’s a gluten-free grain rich in dietary fibers, B-vitamins, minerals, and protein. Apart from these nutritional values, this wholesome superfood is also very easy to prepare and great for meal prep. 

Quinoa does not have to be boring. If you are looking for more ways to enjoy this healthy grain, you are at the right place! Below are some of the best recipes for quinoa salad that will make your meals healthier and heartier. 

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Should Quinoa Salad be Hot or Cold?

The easiest way to introduce quinoa to your meals is by incorporating it into salads. Most quinoa salad recipes are served cold, but there are also warm quinoa salad recipes to enjoy. 

You can choose to serve a warm quinoa salad during the colder months especially if you need a comforting and hearty dish to warm you up. On the other hand, cold quinoa salad recipes are best to serve during the warmer days when you need a refreshing dish for barbeque or cookouts.

In the end, it’s still up to you. Quinoa salad is a super versatile and yummy dish. You can serve it hot, cold, or at room temperature based on your preferences.  Plus, you can enjoy it on its own or as a side dish as well.

Can I Put Raw Quinoa in Salad? 

It’s highly recommended to eat cooked quinoa instead of raw or uncooked. You can toast quinoa like popcorn or cook it in water or broth using the same process you cook rice. According to the Whole Grains Council, the perfect cooking ratio to ensure fluffy quinoa is one cup quinoa to two cups of fluid. 

Cooking quinoa brings out its flavors and makes it easier to digest. You can tell it’s done when you finally see the germ or the white tail of each kernel sticking out. 

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What Can I add to Quinoa to Make it Better?

You can add lots of things to Quinoa! Protein, dressing, herbs, veggies, or fruit will add a burst of flavor to your favorite meal. 

Whether you have always been a fan of quinoa or you are just starting to add it to your meal plan, you will surely love these quick and easy recipes for quinoa salad. Make sure to give them a try!

Kitchen Tools to Use in Serving and Preparing These Yummy Recipes for Quinoa Salad

Say hello to a stress-free cooking experience with the help of the right cooking tools. Below are some of the most useful kitchen essentials that will make these quinoa salad recipes quicker and easier to make. 

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If you are making delicious quinoa salad recipes you’ll want to have things like a fine mess strainer, cast iron skillets, a knife set and cutting boards.

Salad bowls for serving are a nice addition to any kitchen collection and some salad lunch containers make meal prep a breeze. I also like to use glass salad bowls for serving up these delicious quinoa salads.

15 Recipes for Quinoa Salad

Meaty Quinoa Salad Recipes

Want a protein-filled meal? These quinoa salad recipes are delicious, meaty, and filling! Whether you choose pork, beef, or chicken, this list has a recipe ready for you!

Vegetable-filled Recipes for Quinoa Salad

Need a vegan recipe or just simply love veggies in quinoa salad? I've got you covered! Browse this list of recipes below! 

Recipes for Quinoa Salad with Seafood

A real seafood lover? Enjoy your quinoa salad with seafood with the help of these must-try recipes!