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21 Recipes for White Rice

Rice is a delicious and versatile kitchen essential that everyone loves. However, sometimes we don’t know what to do with it or need new recipe ideas. If you are having this dilemma too, you will love this collection of recipes for white rice!

White rice or milled rice is easy to store and easy to prepare. It can be cooked on the stove, rice cooker, and even crockpot. There are actually a lot of different recipes for white rice. You can try using different cooking methods to find what works best for you! 

From salads and pasta to seafood and instant pot dishes, this collection of recipes for white rice is worth keeping. They are all oh-so-easy to make, and most of them are ready within 30 minutes. Just perfect for busy weeknights! 

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How to make plain white rice? 

There are lots of ways to make plain white rice. The three most common are using the stove, crockpot, and rice cooker. When it comes to preparation, every household has its own ways, but there are established key points that need to be followed to ensure that your white rice will come out perfectly whatever cooking method you use:

  • Rinsing

Rice grains have surface starch that will gelatinize in hot water. This results in gummy and sticky cooked rice. The best way to prevent this is to rinse the rice grains three to four times until they’re free of starch and the water runs clean.

  • The ratio of water to white rice

The brand of rice, the size and the type of saucepan, and even how the lid fits in the saucepan can hugely affect how the rice cooks. The good rule of thumb is to cook a cup of white long-grain rice in two cups of water. 

  • Temperature

Undercooked rice is often a result of cooking rice in high temperatures. Once the rice is boiling, it’s important to reduce the heat and let it simmer for the rest of the cooking time. A cup of white rice usually takes 17 minutes to cook. 

  • Rest

After cooking, remove rice from the heat source and let it rest for 10 to 12 minutes. This will allow the excess water to be absorbed, achieving the perfect rice texture. 

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Did you know?

Before we go through our delicious recipes for white rice, here’s some fun rice trivia! 

White rice in the United States comes in three types: short, medium, and long, and Americans consume more than 25 lbs of rice annually. You might think that’s a lot but Asians can eat up to 300 lbs while the United Arab Emirates eat around 450 lbs of rice every year. 

Uncooked white rice can be stored up to 10 years and longer (until it turns brown) while brown rice can only last for three to six months because its bran coating will oxidize.

Must-have Kitchen Essentials to Make Recipes for White Rice

The recipes for white rice listed above are all easy to make, but only if you have the right kitchen tools. Before you proceed with making them, check out these items first.

Apart from being wonderful additions to your kitchen, these kitchen essentials are also excellent gift ideas for your cooking-obsessed friends!

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21 Recipes for White Rice

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