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15 Unique Recipes for Flounder to Try!

Love fish dishes? You are in the right place! I’ve just compiled a list of mouthwatering recipes for flounder to make your meals more satisfying!

Just like how the old notion goes, don’t judge a fish by its appearance. Flounder may not be a fancy-looking fish, but it’s never boring. It has a delicate texture and a mild taste with a sweet undertone that makes it a very versatile ingredient to a wide variety of dishes.

Whether it’s your first time cooking flounder or it’s your hundredth time and now you are in search of new fish dishes to try, you’ll have fun trying the recipes below. These recipes for flounder are not as complicated as they seemed to be, and they only require a few simple ingredients as well.

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How to pick fresh flounder?

Picking fresh fish can sometimes be confusing and tricky. If you’re not used to buying fresh fish, do not forget to do a smell and visual check.

Smelling the fish before buying is a must. Of course, the fish will smell fishy, but it shouldn’t be pungent. An overwhelming smell of fishiness is a sign that the fish is already old. 

In terms of visuals, the fish should have clear eyes, shiny skin, and bright gills. Never buy fish with dull gray eyes or discolored skin. If you failed to find a good quality fresh flounder at your local store, you can also just consider buying the frozen ones.

What are the best side dishes to pair with flounder?

Flounder can be a delicious meal on its own, but you’re going to enjoy it even more with the right side dishes that complement its flavors.

Risotto, couscous, potato wedges, garden salad, chips, steamed vegetables, and stuffed red peppers are just some of the best side dishes you can pair with flounder.

Check out this collection of easy and unique recipes for flounder to level up your weeknight dinners!

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Must-Have Kitchen Tools to Make These Easy Recipes for Flounder:

Every recipe calls for the right set of kitchen tools. Here are just some of the must-have cooking tools you need to have to make these scrumptious recipes for flounder. 

These products will be useful in your kitchen to make other exciting recipes as well. Before you get started with the collection of recipes for flounder listed above, grab these kitchen tools first to make sure that your cooking experience will be a breeze.

Crisp and Fun Recipes for Flounder

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