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30 Recipes With Leftover Chicken

There are many ways to save your remaining chicken from last night’s dinner with these recipes with leftover chicken. You can make a chicken sandwich out of it or use it as a salad topping. The possibilities for turning your leftover chicken into another meal are endless.

As I share with you these recipes, I hope you find more than a few that you and your family can enjoy. The next time you can’t finish your chicken in one sitting, make sure to get back to this list again and again for more ideas.

Grab your leftover chicken now and join me as I show you all the fun ways you can put it to good use in the kitchen. 

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How long can I keep leftover chicken?

Cooked chicken can last up to 3 to 4 days when kept in the fridge, and even up to 3 months when put in the freezer. You can also put a warm chicken inside the fridge, but not right after it was cooked when it is still very hot. However, although the refrigerated temperature can help slow bacterial growth, eating cooked chicken after more than a few days’ time may lead to foodborne illnesses.

Cooked chicken that looks green-grey or grey in color indicates that it is already spoiled. The presence of white spots and molds are other signs that it has gone bad. You should not consume it as well when it gets slimy after cooking or has an offensive smell.

How can I improve the taste of leftover chicken?

If you put your roasted chicken in the fridge, the best way to heat the leftover is with an oven. Reheat it at around 200-250 degrees for about 10-15 minutes and not on full blast. You can also add butter or oil to keep it moist.

Serving your leftover chicken with side dishes will also make it taste better. Potato salad and grilled corn are just a few examples. Sautéed brussels sprouts, roasted broccoli, and sugar snap peas are some other great options.

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30 Recipes With Leftover Chicken

Recipes with Leftover Chicken That Make Meal Prepping Easy:

Make your meal prepping routine easy peasy with these recipes for leftover chicken. Regardless if you’re a busy mom or just a passionate foodie, these recipes will add value to your cooking experience and will help you prepare more delicious meals for your family all while producing less food waste.

Recipes with Leftover Chicken You’ll Make Again and Again!

Here’s another list of recipes to help your leftover chicken taste even better. Do you know what that means? You’ve got more options to choose from, less work in the kitchen, and no more wasted food!

Hungry for more?

Here’s what to do with your leftover chicken if you still need some more ideas. Don’t worry, we’ll keep them coming with even more tasty and delicious options for you to try below.

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