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25 Recipes with Turkey Breast

Cooking recipes with turkey breast shouldn’t be complicated. The following recipes will make you spend more time with your family instead of spending the night meal prepping in the kitchen. These recipes are also great for those who are looking for healthy and delicious meal ideas.

Turkey is considered a centerpiece dish, especially during Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner. But these recipes in particular are great for those who are living on a budget. Follow these recipes for a quick weeknight meal and I am sure you will make them over and over again! 

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On what side should I cook my turkey breast?

Cooking your turkey breast-side down will prevent the breast from becoming too dried out since cooking on that side makes the breast more protected from the heat. And to have a whole turkey cooked more evenly, it is recommended to cook your turkey stuffing separately.

Another way of keeping your turkey from drying out is to cover it while cooking. And to achieve that crispy skin, remove the cover 30 minutes before your turkey is cooked. Always use a meat thermometer to make sure your turkey is done.

How can I keep my turkey breast moist?

Using a wire rack over a pan that has liquid in it will help keep your turkey breast juicy. The steam will keep it moist and will add flavor to it. You can use white wine or stock with oil or butter for the liquid.

It is also possible to keep your turkey breast moist even after cooking. Cover it with plastic wrap and press it down so that there will be no air pockets. This will make sure that the moisture in your turkey breast will be retained.

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25 Recipes with Turkey Breast

Try Out My Best Recipes with Turkey Breast:

These recipes with turkey breast are all family favorites in our house. Try them out and let me know which one is also a favorite in your home.

Other Recipes with Turkey Breast That Are Easy to Follow:

Become more familiar with the other recipes that use turkey breast. Because the only thing better than a delicious recipe are recipes that are both yummy and easy to make.

Looking for more recipes that use turkey breast?

For those who love anything turkey, try these recipes today! Be sure to save your favorites out of these recipes with turkey breasts.

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