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25 Pizza Side Dishes

Take your pizza night to the next level with these quick and easy pizza side dishes! Aside from being family friendly, these crowd pleasing side dishes are also simple to make.

Whether you’re having pizza from your favorite restaurant or you’re making some at home, you’ll have a more satisfying and filling meal if you serve them with these amazing side dishes. 

From salads to savory sides, and sweet desserts, you can find plenty of pizza side dishes here. Check them out below!

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What side dishes go best with pizza?

Pizza is delicious to devour on its own but a complementing side dish can make your meal a whole lot better. In this post, I’ve compiled some of the best sides for pizza that you can whip up at home without spending too much time and effort in the kitchen.

You can look forward to some classic pizza sides including chicken wings, onion rings, ratatouille, and more. If you’re aiming for something healthy, I’ve also included different salad and roasted vegetable recipes.

Plus, there are also crowd pleasing side dish ideas perfect for gatherings and parties that you can check out.

Before you get started with the sides, you might want to check out these awesome pizza recipes first. These pizza recipes are not only quick to make but are oh so tasty as well.

Useful Kitchen Tools for Making Pizza Side Dishes

Preparing for your pizza night could not be easier with the help of these kitchen essentials! These items will be useful in whipping up homemade pizza and the best pizza side dishes as well. 

Take this chance to double check your kitchen to ensure that you already have these items on hand. Plus, they will be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal if you need to do some kitchen restocking. 

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25 Pizza Side Dishes

Healthy Sides for Pizza

Who doesn't want a healthy dinner? These side dishes are not only perfect for pizza but they are so delicious — no one can tell they are healthy and full of nutrients!

Sides to Serve With Pizza at a Birthday Party

If you are planning to have pizza for your party or gathering, you should give these easy recipes a try! These recipes are so tasty, so don't be surprised if they became a hit!

Traditional Accompaniments for Pizza

Want to know more about the classic side dishes served with pizza? Check out these simple recipes!

Want to try more recipes? 

Hopefully, this post was able to help you find the best pizza side dishes. If you are looking for more recipes to try, you’ll want to check out these recipe collections as well.