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30 Recipes for Eggnog

Love it or hate it, a cup of eggnog is a must for every holiday celebration. These recipes for eggnog are oh-so-delicious and creative; you might even change the hearts of those who don’t like this festive drink. 

Eggnog is another one of those holiday staples that screams Christmas. It has been part of every household’s Christmas menu since the 1700s. The recipes we are sharing are homemade but you’ll begin to see eggnog on the grocery store shelves as early as October. 

I’ve made sure that you’ll have plenty of choices in this collection of recipes for eggnog. Here you’ll find not just the traditional eggnog recipes with alcohol but also non-alcoholic, warm, and kid-friendly recipes so the whole family will be able to enjoy this holiday favorite! Scroll down below and check them all out!

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What cooking tips should I take note of when making homemade recipes for eggnog?

Some home cooks are wary about homemade eggnog recipes since they often call for raw eggs. However, there are two simple steps that you can put in place to make sure that you aren’t going to consume eggnog tainted with Salmonella.

If you have to use raw eggs, choose whole, liquid, or pasteurized eggs over regular ones. Egg substitutes are also a great option since they also have been pasteurized.

If it can’t be helped and you end up using regular raw eggs, tempering is a must. Tempering eggs is the process of cooking the egg mixture to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bacteria. 

Some of the recipes below come with detailed instructions on how to temper eggs. Make it a point to read them carefully to achieve the perfect eggnog that is not only delicious but safe as well.

How to serve eggnog?

Although traditionally served chilled, there are also recipes for hot or warm eggnog that are wonderful to have during the colder days. 

It’s also up to you if you want to add alcohol or not. In fact, there are also kid-friendly recipes for eggnog that you can easily whip up for the kids! You can find some of them below!

But any way you want it, pairing Christmas cookies and other sweet pastries with eggnog can make your holidays feel extra special and indulgent so don’t miss trying out these delish recipes today!

Try out some of these no bake desserts too for an easy pairing for eggnog!

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Kitchen Essentials You Need to Prepare Eggnog Recipe

The recipes above are proof that you can make eggnog in a breeze. However, this will only be possible with the help of the right set of kitchen equipment.

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30 Recipes for Eggnog

Spiked Recipes for Eggnog to Enjoy!

These spiked eggnog recipes are perfect if you want to get that boozy kick! Whether you prefer brandy, whiskey, sherry, bourbon, or beer, this section is filled with eggnog recipes to boost your holiday spirits! But of course, don't forget to drink responsibly!

Non-alcoholic Eggnog Recipes

Want a delicious eggnog recipe that the whole fam will approve of? You will find what you need down below! Some of these recipes are not only kid-friendly but some of them are vegan and keto-friendly too!

Warm Eggnog Recipes to Try!

Need a comforting drink to save you from the cold weather? These warm eggnog recipes are sure to surprise your palate and give you comfort and warmth like no other. Don't think twice to give them a try!