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What to Serve With Flounder

Flounder is a versatile ingredient that you can turn into a variety of dishes but like any other fish, it does not go well with every kind of side dish. If you’re wondering what are the best sides to serve with flounder, this post has got you covered.

Flounder is a group of different species of flatfish that are famous for their mild flavor, flaky flesh, sweet undertone, and delicate texture. You can fry, steam, saute, broil, bake, and even eat them fresh like sashimi. 

There’s no doubt that flounder makes a wonderful main dish. But of course, to make your meal even more impressive, it’s a must to pair it with the right side dishes that perfectly complement its flavors. Scroll down and read on below to discover what are the best sides you can easily whip up and serve with flounder. 

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What is a good side dish for flounder?

Flounder is one of the most popular and easy to find types of fish in supermarkets. They are sold as a whole on occasion but most typically are sold in fillets. 

Flounder comes in different varieties of fish like fluke, lemon sole, and southern flounder. These types of fish have a maximum weight of 30 to 40 pounds. Compared to halibut, they are smaller but fattier, flakier, and have a more delicate texture.

Flounder makes a great meal on its own but having a side dish that complements and does not overpower it can also give it more texture and flavor. Some of the perfect side dishes that go with flounder include rice, salads, quinoa, and vegetables. 

Aside from side dishes, if you are also looking for new ways to serve flounder, here are 15 Unique Recipes for Flounder you can try!

What vegetables go well with seafood?

Different kinds of vegetables pair deliciously well with seafood, especially with flounder. If you are a veggie lover, you’ll love that there are lots of vegetable side dishes to serve with flounder here. 

You can look forward to sides made with green beans, carrots, cauliflower, chickpeas, bell peppers, broccoli, snap peas, brussels sprouts, potatoes, zucchini, and a lot more. 

These veggies can be prepared and cooked in different ways. All of these vegetable side dishes are all quick and easy to make, they come together in a flash. You will not be able to help it but give them a try!

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Best Sides for Flounder

From simple vegetable sides to salads, these recipe ideas will inspire you! They are simple, easy to make, and ready in a flash. 

Grilled or Steamed Veggies

Because flounder is flaky, you’ll want to serve it with steamed or grilled veggies such as zucchini, bell peppers, and carrots. If you’re planning to grill them, you can toss these vegetables in a light seasoning mix and oil to add flavor before skewing or wrapping them in a foil packet. 

Glazed Carrots

Carrots are an all time favorite side dish for flounder. Glazed carrots’ sweetness and crunchy texture go perfectly well with flounder. If you want, you can make this side dish fancier by adding a fruity kick and turning it into orange glazed carrots

Garden Salad

If you want a light and refreshing side dish for your flounder, garden salad is what you need to make. Aside from being filled with colors and vegetable goodness, you can also customize this salad according to the season. 

Chickpea Salad 

Flounder’s flakiness and chickpeas’ chewiness is a satisfying combination you wouldn’t want to miss. Plus, the other vegetables that come with this salad also complement flounder.

Hasselback Potatoes

Crispy on the outside and tender and buttery on the inside, Hasselback potatoes are a must try side dish for flounder. Potato lover or not, this potato side is sure to be a hit with everyone.

Quinoa Pilaf

Nutritious, versatile, and easy to pull together, quinoa pilaf is one of the best side dish ideas if you want to create an extra healthier meal. The dish is simple and you can season it with herbs such as thyme, basil, and dill to make it even more appetizing.

Green Beans

Green beans are the easiest side dish to prepare. They do not require a lot of prep and flavors because they are delicious as they are. You can simply drizzle these veggies with soy sauce and honey. 

Potato Wedges

Who can say no to potato wedges? Aside from being an addictive snack, potato wedges also make a good side dish for many dishes as well as flounder. 

Tomato Salad

Tomato salad is super simple. This salad recipe only calls for a few ingredients that you usually kept on hand. 

Rice Side Dishes for Fish

These rice recipe ideas will satisfy, and fill you up! If you love rice and want to have a filling meal, you can never go wrong with these sides.

Ginger Pea Pilaf

Oozing with Asian flavors, this Indian inspired side dish goes deliciously well with any kind of protein. If you’re not into peas, you can also make this dish with bell peppers or broccoli. 


This famous and easy Italian rice dish is amazing to pair with flounder as well. Usually, risotto calls for chicken broth but it can be made using all kinds of broth like vegetables and fish too. 

Cauliflower Rice

Not literally a rice recipe but a delicious and healthy substitute for white rice, cauliflower rice is also one of the best choices if you want a filling side dish. You can make this side in as fast as ten minutes with just a little muss and fuss. 

Pasta Side Dishes for Fish

Love pasta? You can also serve these pasta dishes with flounder! Satisfy your craving and have a delightful meal by trying out these side dishes. 


Did you know? Although couscous resembles a grain, it’s technically pasta. And as an all around side for all kinds of proteins, couscous goes well with flounder too.

Tortellini Salad

No one can easily say no to tortellini salad. This dish is savory and versatile. You can make it with vegetables such as broccoli too. 

Spaghetti Casio e Pepe

Want something Italian? You can try and make Spaghetti Casio e Pepe to pair it with your crispy flounder fillets. This dish is perfect especially if you have leftover pasta. 

Need more side dish ideas?

These are just some of the best quick and easy side dishes that you can serve with flounder. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you find the side dishes you have been looking for. If you need more side dishes to upgrade your meals, check out these posts.