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What to Serve Jambalaya With

No need to feel stuck when thinking of what to serve jambalaya with. I’ve collected some of the best sides for jambalaya that you can easily whip up at home without any muss or fuss. 

Jambalaya is a one of a kind Cajun and Creole rice dish with influences from French, Spanish, and West African cuisines. This scrumptious recipe is known for featuring the delicious combination of meat, seafood, rice, vegetables, andouille, stock, and a variety of seasonings all in one pot. 

With jambalaya’s spicy and rich flavors, it’s not surprising that this dish has become a staple in Louisiana and around the world. Although the dish can be served alone, it’s a fact that jambalaya is even more impressive when served with sides. To help you create a fantastic meal that will wow the family, this post is here to give you some ideas about what to serve jambalaya with. 

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What meat goes well with jambalaya?

Jambalaya is made with plenty of different ingredients. The delicious dish includes broth, meat, seafood, vegetables, andouille, rice, and seasoning. 

While most recipes call for either chicken, pork, or beef, according to Brittanica, some jambalaya recipes also use rabbit meat. In short, all kinds of meat go well with jambalaya and it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer. 

On the other hand, for the seafood, some use shrimp, crawfish, and crab as well. Different vegetables can also be used in making jambalaya. But of course, if you want to cook the classic Creole style jambalaya, choose the staples such as bell pepper, celery, tomatoes, and onions. 

What goes with jambalaya as a side dish?

Because the dish itself is already packed with protein, veggies, and interesting flavors, you might feel intimidated thinking about what to serve jambalaya with. However, I’m happy to report that there are actually plenty of recipes you can choose from.

If you’re looking for what to serve jambalaya with, these side dishes won’t disappoint. From sweeter to lighter to more southern inspired dishes, this fun collection of recipes has something to please everyone’s palate. 

In this creative round up of side dishes for jambalaya, you can look forward to easy recipes for potatoes, cornbread, vegetable salads, mac and cheese, appetizers, and a lot more! 

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Kitchen must haves to prepare to make side dishes for jambalaya:

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What to Serve Jambalaya With

Appetizers to Go with Jambalaya

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Jambalaya Menu

Complete your jambalaya menu with these amazing side dishes. From veggies to salads, mashed potatoes, and many more, these recipes are all worth the try. 

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