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20 Recipes for Jasmine Rice

These recipes for Jasmine rice are not only delicious but are also hearty and comforting. From burritos to soups, wraps, and skillets, these recipes will spruce up your dinner table.

Rice comes in many varieties and Jasmine rice is one of the most popular. It’s originally from Thailand but it’s widely consumed throughout Asia as well.

Aside from its long grain, Jasmine rice is also known for having a fluffy, slightly sticky texture, unique aroma, and mild flavor when cooked. Whether you’re looking for ways to consume the Jasmine rice in your pantry or just love discovering new recipes, you’ll enjoy browsing this collection of recipes. 

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What is the right Jasmine rice to water ratio?

The recipes below have their own way of cooking Jasmine rice. However, some also call for already cooked rice. 

The secret to having perfectly cooked rice is by knowing the right ratio of rice to water. Typically, the ratio is 1 cup of rice to 1 1/2 cups of water. If you want it softer or if the recipe calls for it, you can always just add more water. 

It’s also your choice if you want to pre soak or rinse Jasmine rice before cooking. Presoaking is not necessary but it will highly decrease the cooking time. On the other hand, rinsing helps in removing debris, as well as surface starch that causes the rice to clump together. 

What can I use jasmine rice for?

Jasmine rice is a versatile and amazing ingredient for all kinds of recipes. You can use it for taco bowls, burritos, wraps, soups, and a lot more! 

Because of its fragrant aroma and delicious texture, Jasmine rice also goes well with a variety of other ingredients. It tastes great with vegetables, eggs, meat, and seafood.

Head down the list to discover some of the best recipes for Jasmine rice. They are not only filling and quick and easy to make, but are sure to be loved by the whole family as well!

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Kitchen Essentials in Making Recipes for Jasmine Rice

You’ll never go wrong with these recipes for Jasmine rice. They are all easy to make especially if you have the right set of kitchen tools.

Before you get started, here are some kitchen essentials that will help a lot in whipping up these recipes. They will not only be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal but they will make a wonderful gift as well. 

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20 Recipes for Jasmine Rice

Best Jasmine Rice Recipes

From burritos to wraps, soups, and fried rice, these Jasmine rice recipes will please your taste buds and fill you up. You'll also love that you can make them in a flash.

Jasmine Rice Recipes for Fish

Fish and rice go so well together. These jasmine rice recipes with fish will make you feel hungry! 

Recipes with Jasmine Rice and Chicken

In case you don't know, rice and chicken also make a perfect match. Here are some mouthwatering and filling Jasmine rice and chicken recipes you'll love to add to your meal plan!

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