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Best Recipes to Serve with Mac and Cheese

It’s a fact that mac and cheese is one of the best comfort foods ever. If you are planning to make the ultimate comforting meal but having second thoughts about what to serve mac and cheese with, this post has got you covered!

Who can say no to creamy and indulgent mac and cheese? This all time favorite comfort food is fun and satisfying to devour on its own, but of course, serving it with dishes that complement it well takes it to a whole different level!

So whether you’re looking for a new entree, side dish, dessert idea, or even a vegetarian recipe that goes well with mac and cheese, we’re here to help. With this post, you’ll never run out of ideas about what to serve with mac and cheese again. 

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What to serve mac and cheese with: 

Mac and cheese is not the ultimate comfort food for no reason. This well loved dish is not only quick and easy to make, indulgent, and deliciously cheesy, but it is also very versatile. 

You can whip up mac and cheese using the stove top and Instant Pot or make it baked in the oven. If you want to try a new mac and cheese recipe, you can check out these posts. 

Aside from being versatile in terms of cooking methods, mac and cheese can also be paired with almost all kinds of dishes. From meat to vegetables, chili, salads, bread, and desserts, you’ll be surprised by the number of recipes you can serve this fantastic comfort food with.

Recipes to Serve Mac and Cheese With

What meat goes well with mac and cheese?

If you’re looking for a new entree or meat recipe to serve mac and cheese with, this post won’t disappoint. There are a bunch of protein filled recipes here that you can easily whip up at home. 

Just a heads up, you can look forward to plenty of mouthwatering recipes for chicken, pork, and even beef here. Aside from being rich with protein, you’ll love that these meat recipes only need a little time and effort and a handful of easy to find ingredients.

What to Serve Mac and Cheese With

Kitchen essentials you’ll need to make recipes to serve with mac and cheese:

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with these must have kitchen tools. These items will not only come in handy in making your mac and cheese and recipes to serve it with, but they will also take your cooking experience to the next level.

With these items, you can enjoy preparing and cooking meals at home even more. Plus, they will also make a great gift idea for the fellow passionate home cooks in your life. 

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Best Recipes to Serve with Mac and Cheese

What Protein Goes With Mac and Cheese

There are different kinds of protein that you can serve with mac and cheese. If you love meat, these appetizing recipes will have you drooling for more. 

What Goes with Mac and Cheese for Lunch

If you're planning to serve mac and cheese for lunch, you might want to consider these recipes. They are not only filling and satisfying but are quick to whip up too.

What to Eat with Mac and Cheese Vegetarian

A vegetarian? Aside from finding the best vegetarian mac and cheese recipe, you must also have been having a bit of a hard time finding the right vegetarian side dishes to pair it with. Don’t worry! You can find some amazing recipes fit for your diet here.

What Dessert Goes with Mac and Cheese

Last but not least, a comforting meal will not be complete without dessert. So here are some of the best dessert recipes you can try and serve with your mac and cheese. 

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