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20 Tofu Recipes to Try!

Whether you’re a tofu lover or you’re just starting out and looking for ways to add this amazing ingredient to your diet, there’s no doubt you’re going to love this creative and mouth watering roundup of tofu recipes.

You might not have realized it yet, but tofu is not only healthy but also a very versatile ingredient. You can turn it into a savory side dish, an addicting appetizer, and even a sweet and creamy dessert. 

To make sure that you make the most out of your tofu, I’ve rounded up some of the best tofu recipes you can whip up quickly and easily. These recipes are all so unique and creative they are perfect not just for your meal plan but for surprising your guests as well!

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What can you use tofu for?

You’ll be amazed how you can turn tofu into a wide variety of dishes. From stir fries to salads, soups, sandwiches, and even desserts or beverages; anything is possible with this healthy, delicious, easy to use, and versatile ingredient!

Tofu or bean curd is made from condensed soy milk. Aside from being rich in protein, it also offers plenty of iron and calcium. This mildly flavored plant based protein pairs beautifully with other ingredients, it can be added to any dish without sacrificing the taste. 

Not only that, tofu is also very affordable, it will be a waste not to make the most out of its deliciousness and health benefits. Continue reading below to discover some of the best tofu recipes that you will love to add to your healthy meal plan. These dishes are guaranteed to excite your taste buds away and they will wow any crowd.

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What are the ways to cook tofu?

If you’re using tofu as a side dish or an appetizer, some recipes will require you to pan fry, deep fry, steam, bake, grill, and even scramble tofu. For blended foods such as desserts, tofu is used raw. Tofu is easier to use than you might think, you just have to pick the right type of tofu for your recipe.

According to Tofupedia, tofu has five categories: silken, medium, firm, extra firm, and super firm. These categories are based on the consistency or the water content in the tofu. The softer the tofu the higher the water content; the firmer the tofu, the lesser the water content.

  • Silken tofu is known to be the softest type of tofu and is best used for desserts, smoothies, dips, puddings, and sauces.
  • Medium tofu also known as regular tofu is still soft but a little denser than silken. This type of tofu is highly suggested for soups and stews.
  • Firm tofu is known to be the most versatile of all types of tofu. You can use firm tofu for stir fries, soups, pan fries, and even scrambles.
  • Extra firm tofu is easier to chop, grill, pan fry, deep fry, and bake but it does not absorb marinade well as firm tofu does. 
  • Super firm tofu is so compact, its texture is almost like meat. In fact, it’s commonly used as a meat substitute. 

For fried recipes, make sure to dry the tofu first before cooking so it will absorb flavor well and become crispy. If you want to quickly and easily dry your tofu, use a tofu press

Kitchen Essentials for Making Delicious Tofu Recipes

Having a well equipped kitchen will make your life easier. Before you proceed in whipping up these tofu recipes, you might want to consider adding these items to your kitchen arsenal first. 

These kitchen essentials will come in handy not only in making these tofu recipes but in making other dishes as well. Plus, they will also make a great gift idea for the home chefs in your life, including yourself. Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to reward yourself with new kitchen gear!

Best Tofu Recipes

Your mouth will water at the sight of these tofu recipes! These drool inducing recipes range from soups to salads, sandwiches, appetizers, stir fries, dips, and more. You'll never run out of ideas for your tofu again!

Crispy Tofu Recipes

Looking for more savory and crispy tofu recipes? You're going to love these recipes for sure!

Tofu Smoothies and Dessert Recipes

Aside from side dishes and appetizers, you'll also want to try these refreshing smoothies and dessert recipes for tofu! These recipes are not only extra delicious and healthy, but they're also easy to make!

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